May 10, 2010

IKEA Finds and Paint

After coming across The Brick House by chance online, I looked into retro/modern style lighting to find something similar to the modern funky light used here. I came across the IKEA Knappa and decided to search deeper into the hanging lamp online, low and behold I found this hack as well as this hack project. After gaining some of these great ideas I decided to purchase the Knappa ($29.99) and paired it with the IKEA Januari lamp-base ($16.99) in a brushed silver color (these two items fit perfectly together). As a side note, be sure to purchase the light bulb for the Knappa (which isn't included in the kit) and not the Januari base, due to the Knappa needing a lower watt source then the Januari.
The lovely black frame Ung Drill I found hiding in a corner of the IKEA picture frame section. I had seen similar ones at Urban Outfitters but they were a bit too small for my liking and this $24.99 one from IKEA fit the bill. The frame is made of plastic and I'm sure it'd be super easy to spray paint if you weren't crazy about the black color. Once I picked it up and placed it into my cart I had two different people ask me where I had found it ;D Even my mom was quick to fall in love with it once she saw it hanging in my room.

I really think my bedroom is starting to come together and I'm very pleased with the final paint color we created...I can give you the paint color name (Valspar in Lilac Machiato) but honestly my mom ended up having to mix it with two other paint colors (green + yellow = blue) which we luckily already had on hand so we added it in to dingy up the original purple color of Lilac Machiato I purchased. The final color dried darker then when wet and luckily it looks exactly like the color I had imagined.

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