April 06, 2010

French with Sally Hansen

So the title here sounds a bit...dirty I know,but I'm talking about this french manicure I did using the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White.
The nail art pen was fairly easy to use although a tiny bit more difficult when using my non-dominant hand. For some reason the formula in the white color is much like your office White-Out as it's matte, smelly, works on paper (fact!) and it's a little uneven...I swear it's White-Out! LOL. I believe the other colors I own this pen in aren't matte so a clear top-coat is a must to add shine and even out the inconsistency in some areas. The light pink/purple color on my nails is the new OPI color in Panda-Monium Pink (my moms new fave polish color, I think it looks better on her more red under-toned skin). A downside to this white paint pen is once I applied my clear top coat over my dry white nail paint I noticed it started to leave crack marks so I'm not sure I would recommend buying the white in this but I don't remember having this problem with the other colors of paint pens in this brand.

P.S. Yes I did change my layout today because the AW layout was a bit too much for me =P This cherry blossom background is from here. When I get some motivation I'll start working on a new layout.

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