March 26, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Layout

Alice in Wonderland has been huge this year and it almost feels over-done because I saw the new movie and it say the least. AnyWHOoo...I'm still an AW fan from wayyyy back when, so I hope you enjoy my new layout.

Here's a few quick graphic how-to's I made...
Diamond Tile Background

I created the background entirely in MS_Paint (as usual with most of my graphics), I first created the basic black and white diamond tiles but they looked too plain and boring sooo...I designed a circular pattern in black and dark gray for the background instead. Then I duplicated the pattern doing an invert of the colors. Then I overlapped my basic diamond pattern over both shades and combined them together. I then added 2 different sizes of white dots to the darker colored diamonds and voila...I now have my unique tile style background you see here.

Blue Striped Background

To get this background I used MS_Paint spray-can in a light blue shade(3 different shades of light blue were used and white to complete this image), I then cut it into a long rectangle shape and made an almost white shape the same size underneath it. This was a quick way for me to create a stripe pattern that was something other than a solid blue block of nothing-ness, it gives a slight worn-affect.

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