March 19, 2010

Minus Green Plus Purple

Today I decided to remove the green color from my St.Patricks Day nails leaving my leopard print nail as-is but adding a stick-on diamond decal (not sure you can see it well in this photo) to the center of the nail and fnished with a clear topcoat of Seche Vite to keep it in place. The light lilac colored polish (which may look gray from my B-Berry photo) is Essie in "Looking for Love" which took several coats of paint (I lost count of how many coats I did but it took A LOT). BTW my ring is from Etsy in case you were wondering ;D

I also got to try out Onyx Professionals (the purple colored formula) nail polish remover today which I purchased recently at Wal-Mart, it seems to work better then the Equate brand (which would take me forever to get all my polish off).

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