March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

I know some of ya'll are still waiting for my Hawaii photos and such, but yea...I've totally been procrastinating and EVENTUALLY I'll get around to adding it, just...I really want to do some other posts ;P

My St. Patricks Day nails today! The green color is China Glaze in "Paper Chasing" (I think I've already done a past post on my leopard prints nails...correct me if I'm wrong!). Isn't this the perfect green for St. Pat's? Prolly good for X-Mas too. I heard green nails are suppose to be really popular this year, like its practically the new black, lolz.

Those of you following my tweets may have heard the latest news about me going live on BlogTV cam with Mr.Sweety this weekend! Its true and he said he's going to have to get a hair cut for the occasion, ahaha. Here's the room where we'll be cam'n it up at. Don't dispair if you miss the show, I'll hopefully record some of it ;D

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