March 23, 2010

Absolutely Alice

This past weekend was spent with none other than...Mr. Sweety! We made a few videos on BlogTV...we were going to make more the next day but we konked out after he brought me to a really different type of latin dance spot. To further elaborate this small dance club was like...Hooters but the women try to get you to salsa dance with them and drink. I felt outta place I'll be honest...perhaps it was my lack of white booty shorts and go-go boots, lol. Or maybe the fact I was kinda the only chick their aside from the servers!

I decided to surpass my boredom at work today by painting my nails using OPI in Absolutely Alice. This color is pretty frickin' awesome, the pic from my phone hardly does it justice but I'd def recommend a nice clear topcoat to boost the glittery shine and keep the glitter from wearing off. I haven't seen too many glitter polishes with like 3 different colors of glitter in it...this one is mostly blue, some silver and a little black and 4 coats seems more then sufficent to achieve this look as 2-3 coats is probably enough.

I purchased a Konad recently and began experimenting with it this week. I'm not sure I'm totally in love with it at this point but I may give a reveiw on it at a later time. So far I find it a bit messy, inconsistent, not all the patterns seem to work seemlessly. If the stamper design was changed to a rectangle shape rather then round it would maybe be a bit more ideal for some of the patterns (which also seem too small for thumb nails)...but like I said I'll keep playing with it, I think it takes a little patience and practice perhaps.

On a personal note I'm really starting to take this whole "getting old" ordeal to heart. I've recently been told I'm one of the oldest peeps on B-TV (which is totally NOT true!). Someone I know also said that in 4yrs I should start planning to have kids because apparently I'm "NOT getting any younger"...which I found very offensive, rude and narrow minded. Funny thing day all these peeps calling me "old" (at age 26!) will more then likely go through the SAME ordeal as me, so yea...karma's a b*tch ;P Thanks to those of you thinking I look 17, ahaha.

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