February 02, 2010

Vay-K Reveal

If you couldn't already tell by my updated layout, I'm going to HAWAII this month for a much needed vay-k! I'm sooo excited ;D I've never been and I hope to take plenty of photos to share when I get back, although it'll be a few more weeks before I depart. In the mean time you'll be seeing my blog posts turn warm weather friendly this entire month ;)I did a quick freehand Hawaii inspired nail design this past weekend using a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black(you could use a fine tip sharpie as an alternative) placed on top of Sally Hansen - Complete Salon Manicure in Lavender Cloud. I'll be doing a similar look for my trip but different colors and I think I like the 5 flower petals (as seen on my chalk clock above) as a hibiscus rather then 4 petals (seen below) cuz these look more like butterflies, heh. I think my monkey toes have seen better days after lookin' at this pic, lol.BTW if you hadn't noticed Blogger apparently added a few new features(new to me anyhow), now I have a transparent blog bar and I switched to a more advanced post option since apparently you have 3 choices I believe...hope it makes it more user friendly when writing now although I don't see a spell checker, heh.

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