January 28, 2010

SoyMilk vs Acne

Walking down the isles of Super Wal-Mart one night I came across cartons of...SoyMilk, sounded disgusting to say the least. The thought of not picking up a jug of my regular 2%...seemed insane since I'm the biggest milk-a-holic I know, heh. Thinking that perhaps it may not be sooo terribly disgusting and perhaps a healthy option I tossed a carton of chocolate SoyMilk into my cart.I put it into the fridge and the next morning decided to pour a little bit of the odd soy concoction into my cup. If you've ever tried a can of SlimFast before...this tasted similar but more on the watery side, so it wasn't too terrible(not sure I'd ever attempt the plain version). I actually found this to be pretty filling for an hour or so, not bad since I hardly drank a cup of it at a time. I also feel it helped some of my stubborn chin acne diminish, even during an "Aunt Flow" visit, LOL TMI.


Jeaneth said...

I've always wanted to try soy milk!
but I don't want to buy a whole carton, and then end up not liking it..lol
btw, I love your playlist :D

MISO-HAPPY said...

Its not too bad but eh...its definately different then regular milk or even regular choco-milk, taste more vitamin-ish...heh, def better then Ovaltine(barf). I'll def buy more of it though, esp since it may be helpin with my acne ;P