February 05, 2010

Tai Shan's Departure

Tai Shan (the National Zoo's panda) departed to China yesterday and my co-worker working at the airport was fortunate enough to see him board this panda painted FedEx aircraft and receive a mini plush panda toy(OK OK...I was bit envious, haha).
Below is a photo I took the first time I saw Tai Shan at the National Zoo, he wasn't even a year old at the time I believe, he looked pretty big up in this tree.
Wish I had my SLR cam back then, I could have really zoomed in better :P Unfortunately I had gone to the zoo with my new cam last year but the panda's were no where to be seen, my luck. As for the rest of the pandas at the DC Zoo... they're scheduled to depart this December.

Wonder when we'll get new pandas...

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