February 07, 2010

Summer Strands

Rummaging through a junk drawer in my room this past weekend I came across some old how-to cut-outs from a magazine. Figured I'd update it a little and share 'em with you since I'll be embracing warm weather early, so...enjoy ;DWhen temps sizzle, it's time to ditch the hair dryer, sit back and ride summer's heat wave. For low maintenance locks, tie hair back in a braid, or turn it up a notch for truly wild style. When you let the sun do most of the work, you can sport a beachy 'do by day, then let it loose for hot summer-night style.

BEACH BUN: For a pulled-together but not uptight look, lightly mist on some gel (like Aussie Opposites Attracts Strong Hold + Touchable Feel Spray Gel, Strong Hold) from roots to tips of towel-dried tresses. Pull all your hair back and twist, then coil the twist into a tight bun on the crown of your head. Later, let your hair down for a soft wave. Jazz it up with a thin copper headband and a penny-colored pout.

MEDUSA MANE: Coat towel-dried hair with a light gel spray and divide into either sections (two on each side and four in the back of your head). Braid each section and secure them with different colored bands. When the sun sets, let locks loose for major waves. Dress 'em up with some tropical hair accessories.

RAG & ROLL: The rag doll 'do is a great way to protect your tresses by day and look way wavy for twilight hours. Coat towel-dried tresses with a light gel and twist big sections of your hair around shreds of bandanna. Tie a knot at the end of each section and let them hang for more subtle texture, of tie them up in big loops for curl power. At night, remove the rags for soft, sexy, ever-so-loopy locks. Get glowing by adding some glitter (like Herbal Essences Shimmery Nights Shimmer Spray Gel) and work it through your waves.THE MERMAID MANE: Stroll through the surf and sand to find this summer's hair accessories. Stash your fave seashells and other oceanic treasures in your beach bag and transform them into beautiful barrettes, sticks and combs when you get home. All you need is some clear craft glue and bare hair accessories. Simply glue your shell of choice to a hair accessory and hold it in place for 10 seconds, till the glue sets. Who knew getting gorgeous could be such a breeze?

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