February 10, 2010

Snow Storm

Now let me see...where did I park my car at again? Ohhh there it is, looking like a vanilla frosted ice cream cake >.< After getting over 35 inches of snow this past week and digging out over 300ft of driveway, uncovering 2 cars and my back deck... we're now getting MORE snow today (10-20 inches more!). Apparently I'll be missing alteast 3 days worth of pay, this is like getting a vacation before my vacation.
On the flip-side of life I started talking to someone new through my personals ad, we have sooo much in common <3 He's like the cute guy next door with a dirty secret, haha... okay, so I have no clue what the secret is ;P We're suppose to meetup this weekend... practically on the dreaded V-Day, eep! I'm also looking forward to year of the 老虎(tiger), hopefully I'll be able to eat dim sum with Ching-Chong this weekend ;D I want sum lycee monies!
As for random junk I started walking 30min a day this past week...so far I need to make up an hour and a half tomorrow, ughhh..I just did that 2 days ago and my legs are bit sore still. Not to mention under my armpits are sore from shoveling snow all weekend. I just loathe exercise so I'm starting to b*tch and complain about it is all ;P

I also discovered FormSpring.com earlier last week after hanging around BlogTV for a spell, I don't know how long I'll use it...I'll probably get bored of it asking me random idiotic questionare. I even discovered ooVoo.com which is like a mass video chatroom or something. I'm starting to feel as though their are too many networking websites out their, which is great for those digging for subscribers/commenters/followers/etc and a compu geek social life. I blog because I enjoy it and it helps me to remember all the experiences I have in life, not because I'm trying to become some lame internet celebrity thats only good at ONE main thing, which seems to be the case in most popularity contests via web. Perhaps I should start a new blog..."Life after the Internet" although that may defeat the purpose, heh.

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