February 10, 2010

Bain de Soleil - Review

I recently purchased these two items because I read rave reviews on them so...here's my opinion on the two products.Bain de Soleil - Mega Tan Sunscreen With Self Tanner, SPF 4
Upon opening the plastic bottle I noticed the lid itself wouldn't stay open, not sure if it was defective for everyone or just myself. I loved the scent of the white lotion product upon application, it smelled like a light sugary coconut scent with mild a SPF scent to it. This product is apparently a self tanner, although I didn't get any tanner after wearing this to bed for several hours. Overall I absolutely loved the scent but I didn't find this to be anything more then your average body lotion.Bain de Soleil - Orange Gelee Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 4
Upon opening the box I pulled out an aluminum tube containing this product, can't say I'm at all crazy about aluminum tubes as they generally will begin to bend and bust open after prolong wear and tear. The scent of the product smells like an old bottle of Avon perfume that your grandmother might have worn (I was not too keen on this scent). Apparently what "orange gelee" looks like is nothing I've ever really seen in a product before...it looks like orange sherbet colored gel that dried out, but once rubbed onto the skin it leaves this greasy shine(I wouldn't say it's overly greasy). Please note this is NOT a sunless tanner, just a light SPF that will still allow you to achieve a tan without being totally unprotected from the suns rays...probably not a good product for those of us that don't tan and burn up under the sun(like myself). According to other reviews this product allowed people that do get tan to achieve a nice healthy tan to their skin(So, I wouldn't really know myself). Overall I loved the way the lotion felt on my skin but honestly that's about it.

If these work for you then great, but I don't think I'll be wasting my money on either of these again. It's no wonder why you don't really see any real images of people having used these products...just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I've been hunting for a long time for this! Thank God I found your post on Google.



MISO-HAPPY said...

No problem, always glad to help ;)