January 14, 2010

Week 2 into 2010

I've started trying to plan a vacation but...I'm not going to divulge too much where about at this point although I'm aiming more toward a February departure, perhaps taking a week off from work. As for who may be joining me, probably my long time friend and x-bf "Ching-Chong" as I call him, haha.

FYI to all you RedBox renters out there, hope you enjoyed your free DVD rental promo code (for those of you following me on Twitter). Also if you get a RedBox message which basically states "unable to accept DVD because machine is full" all you need to do is rent another DVD from that machine and then return your other DVD right after, voila. Another cool little secret I've discovered about RedBox is, if you pick-up a DVD after 12am, you basically got the DVD that entire day up till 9pm the next day for the same $1 cost (45hr rental basically).

Apparently I also have a love interest from YouTube, ahaha...Little things like that always make my day, lol.

I did get my photos uploaded to my comp this week but I've been sooo into posting in Guppy-Guide and R-T that I really didn't get around to posting anything here :P For those of you that were interested in more of my blogs on here...now ya got another, haha.

As for weight loss...well I lost about 180 when I dropped Mr. Sweety this week, told him I needed some time away from him (needed some "R-E-S-P-E-C-T, just a lil bit") and I guess he took that as..."we're never hanging out again then". Well whatever floats his boat, I'm trying not to stress over the drama he constantly dishes out on the regular. So seriously for weight loss I just started getting my a** in gear again yesterday taking off that 3 pounds AGAIN this month, ugh. Trying to lose some weight before my vay-k next month in which I'll probably stuff myself silly and gain it all back again, hah.


Lyn said...

i need thinspiration to lose weight too!!! congrats to your weight loss... =)

Thrila said...

Wait, am I reading this right? You lost 180 lbs. in a week? @_@ that's fast.

MISO-HAPPY said...

Shooooot, if I really lost 180 in a week I'd now weigh...20pounds! Twiggy eat ur heart out ;) LOL.