January 15, 2010


I'm pretty sure some flirting has been going on at work this week... too bad these guys are still married, ahah. Or perhaps those are the best guys to flirt with in order to avoid rumors ;P
Guy: Is it okay if I open this door? I don't want you to freeze.
Me: Yea that's fine... you can keep me warm!
Guy: Heyyyy, I might just take you up on that offer!
Guy: I need a mans vacation...
Me: Aww...that means I CAN'T go!
Guy: No! That means you CAN go!

So flirting aside I'm keeping pretty busy my days off... Saturday afternoon I'll be shopping at Rugged Warehouse(I know its weird for me to be excited over this place but I'm super stoked about going, LOL). Then I'll be eatting at this Chinese/Sushi buffet place with my...woman date my mom has hooked me up with, AHAHAAAA...that sounds soooo lesbo right?! Its basically my moms friends' daughter...I guess her daughter doesn't want to hangout with an older crowd so...that's where I come in?. Then I'll probably party it up to crappy old skool music that is played by a terrible DJ, down a Corona, watch old men make passes at me and leave the bar solo cuz...that's how I likez it, hah. Ching-Chong will be coming to mi casa Sunday so we can complete our vay-k plans, money money moneyyyy...then we're going to gamble and try to win sum money after spendin' few G's on this trip, gahhh >.< Then Monday I setup a car appointment for Made in Japan to get an oil change and hopefully they can fix my broken console at the dealership, hoping my warranty covers it. Later on I might meetup with a friend, I think she wants to have dinner and invite this dude that sings like a girl on karaoke night...eh...I might just bail on the whole ordeal and get some rest for work instead :P

I also gave my comp a windows upgrade this week and I'm super shocked MS Paint is becoming more advanced! Here's a quick doodle I did using the new features...Pretty lovely right?? That was a joke, heh...but it is kinda cool considering this is MS Paint we're talking about.

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