January 22, 2010

3 Weeks Down

Its been 3 weeks into the new year now and this week I spent a sh*t load of money on my trip and for my trip, gahhhh...I can't be spending anymore this month for realz. Anywhooo...I was disappointed I didn't find anything I wanted at RW this past week :( although I did find this Merona dress at Target that looked cute on and perhaps could work as a not-so-average beach cover-up, I'd prolly wear some fitted knee-length jean capri's under it ;PI also bought these Dustin Dollin styled Vans for my trip, I think ya'll know by now I'm kind of a longboard chick(example, or this) ;P I'm hoping I'm a mens size 8...I really was thinking I was a 7.5 in mens but guess I'll find out when my kicks arrive. I know Ching-Chong will totally be hating and sayin' sh*t like "did you really need new shoes?!", ahah...and no I guess maybe I didn't since I can't wear these around DC till it gets warmer(currently rockin' my big a** snow boots, bleh). I still gotta dig out my flip-flops...maybe I should've bought those Cher ones from EBay, grr.Those of you that don't know, Max Factor is apparently going outta biz this month in the US. So I finally got around to purchasing some 2000 calorie waterproof mascara(yes I do loath waterproof mascara) because I'll be near A LOT of water during my trip and my must have makeup item is ALWAYS mascara and then foundation right after ;P Since most foundation doesn't withstand water I've also been working on achieving a faux tan, I even ordered sum new stuff this week and I hope to make time to create a sunless tanner review in the near future.


Thrila said...

What size are you in women's? I'm a size 9 in women's @_@ huge I know, but that makes me a size 7 in men's. I love vans, they make awesome sneakers ;D

MISO-HAPPY said...

I'm usually a 9.5 in Vans womens but some places on their site it says that'd be a mens 8... although I thought I'd be a 7.5 in mens. Oh well...guess I'll find out when they arrive in less then 2 weeks, bleh.