January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I really wanted to have my new layout up at midnight but I was having some glitches in my new design and my animation software has been giving me some trouble so the header had to get created differently then planned. Anywhooo...I decided to keep it real this year with a more simplistic scheme using pink, sky-blue and gold. I went a bit border crazy in the HTML but overall it came out just the way I was hoping. I designed the background with a bow, diamond and heart I drew up, added some scan lines through them so they wouldn't be too bold and made them multi-colored to mix it up, then I added some tiny stars so that it wouldn't look too block patterned. For the header I decided to do a Japanese style sunrise, adding some lines to it and adding a few colors inside to make it a lil less plain. The header font I used is called Chow-Mein which I overlapped in 3 different colors. I added a bulletin and notepad style to the base of the header to intertwine it with my blog. I drew up a diagonal stripe background to use as my image border and customized my font colors accordingly to match my color scheme.I'm working on a few new posts, I WILL get my photos uploaded this weekend as that was part of my new year resolution *cross fingers*. A few other resolutions I have is to stop being such a b*tch, which has already proven difficult, ahaha. I did manage to finally rid myself of the pesky guys that still try to hook-up with me when I had lost interest in them many moons ago and had avoided them for the most part but they never took a hint. So I cut those strings last month...errr last week is more like it. My other resolution is to drop 60lb this year and my first goal is to try my hardest ever to lose 20lb this first month with diet and exercise. Generally I lose around 8-10lb a month on diet alone but I'm really going to give this my all and btw I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you're at least 40-60lb over your normal BMI. I plan to at least lose 8-10lb a month starting in Feb...fwww I got a lot of hard work ahead of me.

I celebrated my new year with non-other then Mr. Sweety, we partied it up together and had a good time. Some lady next to me at the bar kept eyeing me all night, it was so disturbing that I finally looked her straight in the face and you know what she said..."you have the cutest nose I have ever seen and I would know because I do plastic surgery for a living". It was def a first to hear that from someone other then my mom, who would say I got it from my dad ;P For perhaps the first time ever I referred to Mr. Sweety as my boyfriend and after telling him... he actually smiled ;DTo bring in the new year I got this Hello Kitty calendar from Target that I had been eyeing last month, it happened to be the last one and had been red tagged, my luck! To make my luck even better while at the checkout Mr. Sweety offered to buy it for me ^.^ Yeah, he thought it was a lil childish that I wanted it but oh well it's super kawaii, hah.


Lyn said...

love your new blogskin n header! sweet!!

MISO-HAPPY said...

Thanks, it took me a bit of work between the artwork and HTML. Glad it turned it the way it did though so I probably won't be changing it too much if any... for awhile anyhow ;D