November 08, 2009

Hello from the Vampiress

This past weekend my Halloween didn't go as planned as my mom had made her own plan and as usual I'm the last to know anything in my house. Regardless my mom's friend called me and wanted to spend Halloween with me, so we got all dressed up and giggled at the silly costumes a few people wore (she's supposed to send me pics but hasn't happened yet). We got about 4o Tricker-Treaters this year and they ate all my Reese Cups! Why do they have to be one of the best Halloween candies EVER and so irresistible to the lil ding-dong ringing gremlins that come to my door?! hah. I've never been keen on Olive Garden since I was a kid, but the other night I went there with my parents and ordered the Ravioli di Portobello and OMG it was pretty good, the best dish I've ever had there!

For those of you possibly disappointed I didn't find a perfect torn shirt dupe via Target in a past post I actually did find one recently by Anna Sui. Its not exact but its got that ripped effect and it can be tied looser then how the image shows.

I redesigned my blogger layout today once again, it'll probably keep changing throughout the months since...I find HTML and graphic design to be fun like that, hah.

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