October 30, 2009

Quick & Easy Candy Corn Nails

I know its a bit late to be posting Halloween inspired nail tutorials but I thought up this quick idea and although you don't have to do candy corn colors you could still wear this any time of the year.
What you'll need
Paper plate (to put your paint on)
White, Orange and Yellow nail polish (recommended for this look)
Clear Nail Polish TopCoat
Cosmetic Wedge Sponge Applicator
Step 1: Paint nails using a white nail polish(1-3 coats)

Step 2: Take a cosmetic wedge sponge applicator and dip it into your orange nail polish(several coats) 2/3 from the tip of your nail toward the base of your nail.

Step 3: Take a clean side of your cosmetic wedge sponge applicator and dip it into your yellow nail polish(several coats) should be the last 1/3 of your nail at the tips.

Step 4: Apply a topcoat, let dry completely and your finished(I of course think that a matte topcoat would look more realistic so that's what I used)
*You could also have your nail tips white and the base yellow but generally the middle is always orange color, in which case you'd paint your entire nail yellow(Step 1) and sponge on the white at the tips(Step 3).

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