October 21, 2009

Target Fall/Winter Fashion Ideas

As I was searching for fall/winter fashion this year I came across a few styles (as pictured below) and thanks to Target.com I was able to some-what dupe the looks, enjoy!
It was hard to dupe the top to this look (below) but I figured since it has that ripped fishnet feel I'd pick a chunky bold almost sea-like necklace (pearls, chains, buried treasure! haha) to make this top POP. Since most of us women need a handbag I picked this rusty bronze colored hobo bag which complimented the color tone in the shirt and necklace while upping the metallic feel that was lacking from my top.
That's it for now, your comments are always welcome...maybe you can find a better way to dupe these via Target or perhaps a different store but I thought these weren't bad given the circumstances I used, haha. Would love to see different dupe trends that everyone could create for this year! TTYL!!!

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