October 23, 2009

Fall/Winter Eyeshadow Trends

If there's one obsession I have in life it's eyeshadow! Listed below are current eyeshadow colors that are trending about for the rest of the year and using L'Oreal products I was able to dupe them for you, enjoy!
Black Eyeshadow, Mascara, Pencil's, Sticks, Paints are a must to any makeup collector so here are a few picks!

The new eighties trend this year is about one element be it lined cat eyes; contoured cheeks; defined lips; bold blush; dramatic highlights. In this post we're just sticking to eyes and nothing says renewed eighties like bold blue eyeshadow reved up with a modern brown.L'Oreal HIP Bright Duos Shadow, Roaring 234 (image above)
L'Oreal HIP Bright Duos Shadow, Flamboyant 538
L'Oreal HIP Bright Duos Shadow, Forgiving 236
L'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments, Intrepid 914
Nothing says glamour better than washes of gold and its cool to see I'm not the only one deciding to sport it on the brows as well as the lids cuz I just can't get enough ;DL'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments, Visionary 924 (image above) Nothing says shady glam rocker better then some black on silver, so go ahead and get down with your bad-self!L'Oreal HIP Bright Duos Shadow, Platinum 906 (image above) Those of you looking for a more natural modern eighties appeal you can stick with contours and defined lines but here are some deep sultry shadows to sooth the soul, ya dig.L'Oreal HIP Bright Duos Shadow, Poppy 807 (image above)
or with...
L'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments, Intrepid 914

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