October 20, 2009

Nail Trending

I picked up "For Audrey" by China Glaze recently, got compliments on the color in fact! The pink color is "Basket Case" by Orly which is one of my favvv pinks that also gets compliments as well and I totally dig the name, haha. The gold glitter on top is "Gold Rush" by CoverGirl which looks kinda cool with a matte topcoat if you don't wanna sport the normal shiny look as pictured above.
This is a marble water technique I found when surfin' YouTube. I put these two colors on top of Milani "Colorful in Coral" which is a reddish pink color. The yellow color is Sally Hansen "Lightening" and the orange color is Essie "Bright Tights" which is a bright orange that I've been searching everywhere for. This is a messy technique to be honest and I can't say I was THAT crazy with the results but it was my first attempt at this, so be easy.

This is Milani in "Timeless" which I came across last month I believe and it was the last one left at the store apparently and I haven't seen it on the web. The top photo has a matte top coat in Essie "Matte About You" which is suppose to be all the rage this fall...my mom hates it and for my personal review its kinda cool but the matte finish starts to rub off and my nails seem to chip more. Mr. Sweety complimented me on the shiny version of this ;PI've been upping my polish game to make more unique looks so I took the matte version of Milani "Timeless" and turned it into a french manicure style using NYC "119A" and leavin' it in a shiny finish. Tip for a cheap/easy french manicure: Place a piece of scotch tape over completely dry nails to get straight lines, peel off the tape as soon as your wet nail polish has been applied ;D


Anne said...

Love the gray/black french manicure. So gorgeous! *Runs to find clear tape.* :)

MISO-HAPPY said...

Thanks a bunch! Please share if you try this technique, would love to see it :D