October 18, 2009

Happy Trending

I wasn't sure how interested people would find my casual winter style to be so I decided to take a pic of my outfit today...mainly I just wanted to share my new scarf ($5 Wal-Mart find, CHEAP!). It seems every year I get a new scarf which becomes my new found love that I carry around everywhere to keep me warm. I noticed their have been lots of trendy leopard prints going around this season and this scarf comes in several different colors (pink, purple, silver, etc). Its not totally leopard print as it has this zebra stripe to it but the colors sort of give it the leopard appeal I was hunting for and I think it'll look cool with brown or black clothing.

Dragon Earrings from ModCloth

Necklace Pendants from Ebay

Scarf from Wal-Mart

Black Swing Jacket from Target

Maroon V-Neck from Ross

Denim Boot Cut Blue Jeans from Debs

Black Kady Boots from Target

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