October 17, 2009

Mascara Blunders

Some makeup brands make many attempts to re-design their beauty products... unfortunately it doesn't appear they're making any real upgrades to their new designs as the outcome is hideous. My honest opinion is that these funky mascara designs don't work and if you're like me...you'll end up throwing them straight into the trash (unless someone in Makeupalley.com wants it?!) Anyhow, here are some mascaras to NOT waste your money on ;P

Mascara Cons...
Product: L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion
Cons: The brush is so small it makes it unstable and hard to get a continuously even coat/s of mascara applied to your lashes. It definitely doesn't volumize your lashes as they stick together, it goes on a bit gloppy. Although it may make lashes appear longer it's such a messy look with this wand that it really doesn't look good unless you can use a more basic shaped mascara wand.

Product: Revlon DoubleTwist MascaraCons: This space saving gaped design only allows the mascara to fill into the empty spaces inside the wand. Mascara really glops on with this wand, not lash flattering at all and the mascara doesn't seem to be the greatest quality even if you decided to use a better wand.

Product: Maybelline Define-A-Lash Pulse Perfection
Cons: First off for $15 drugstore mascara, I'll pass on the purchase. Secondly if people are sooo lazy that they can't wriggle a mascara wand as we've been doing for so many years already then... yea, 'nuff said. Also I read plenty of mixed reviews that the vibrating wand makes you blink too much as if it'll vibrate right into your eye and I've seen review pics online of this and those tarantula lashes just aren't at all cute.

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