October 14, 2009

Lights Inspired

This past week I was inspired by "Lights" and I don't mean the kind that you use in your everyday life but Lights (Valerie Poxleitner) the musician. I've watched majority of her videos after discovering her via MySpace, I even found her CD at BestBuy (apparently only found at selective BestBuy stores) also her website says her CD is sold at Target but I didn't find it online (target.com) nor did I find it in the stores so...kinda thinkin' that was a lie.After watching her "Saviour" music video I remember catching a glimpse at the bedside lamps she had (as pictured in the beginning of this post), so as I made a trip to Ross for some cheap shopping I ended up seeing these 2 lamps which for whatever reason reminded me of the vid, weird since these Ross lamps don't look at all identical to the ones in her vid. I guess her 80's space-age retro vibe just made me feel these would almost be to the same effect as the ones in her vid... don't ya think?
The other thing about Lights is...she feels a persons shoes can reveal a lot about them, which even helped her in picking out her band-mates. Before I even knew Lights existed I saw some adorable boots at Target and...I passed them up, but after seeing how Lights had similar boots in almost every video (she just paints them different colors) I just had to run back and pick-up these! BTW these shoes are totally comfortable and honestly...I feel so empowered and ready for adventure when I wear these (totally crazy right?!). The only downfall is the top of these boots is a bit flimsy and look kinda odd around the ankle when worn outside of pants or bare legs (OMG, I bet these will look cute with my furry black leg warmers over top!).
As per my Twitter I am currently designing one of my fish tanks in a "Lights" style, mainly like her Saviour vid but I'm also adding a comic flare to it. I'm not sure if I'll post it up on here or at Guppy-Guide yet but stay tuned for more as the tank is still undergoing remodeling! Sorry for sounding in love with Lights but her music is sweet and I love that she's bringing keytar back ;) haha

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