October 14, 2009

Hell's Kitchen

This is the first time I've watched an entire season of Hell's Kitchen...oh man do I heart Chef Gordon Ramsay, jahaa... okay I def wouldn't want to be the one he refers to as a "Donkey" but he does make for entertaining TV. I also like playing his Wii game which I believe may be similar to Cooking Mama but the game also gives you recipes that you can do outside of just the hustling and bustling game-play around a kitchen.

For those of you that didn't watch this season it seemed hard for them to complete an entire dinner service, the first guy to leave was totally "BP" as my friend and I would say, people having trouble cooking lamb, halibut and just getting along in general esp. on the ladies team, Chef Ramsay even got sooo upset during one dinner service that he walked out of the kitchen and shockingly Kevin didn't win this season. Instead the winner of Hell's Kitchen this season was none other than an expression-less "one armed bandit" named Dave Levey, who's more of a cook with one arm then any other contestant could have possibly been this season. I don't even think he won any challenges except the one at his final cook-off with contestant Kevin.

After watching the show their were a few things I wouldn't mind learning to cook... risotto, scallops and a few other popular food items that I've never made before. So...stay tuned and perhaps when I'm not procrastinating I will get around to sharing a bit more as I've been meaning to do.

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