September 21, 2009

Coffee Shop Nails

As I was in the process of finding songs to add to my previous post about my "Whip It" soundtrack I came across Landon Pigg who will be starring in the movie (nude I believe!) and he's also a Musician. Well, several days before the movie is out his soundtrack featuring the song "High Times" featuring Turbo Fruit is suppose to be released as well (Sept 29th I'm assuming). So as I was video surfing I came across the following video for Landon Pigg called "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop", you may have heard this song before and you can check-out the vid on his MySpace (as it seems to be blocked from other websites).Anywayyyyy...the main girl in his coffee shop video has very cute and colorful nails, below are some edited photo's from the actual video and as usual I'm going to give some quick nail color dupes using colors that I already have in my huge polish collection. I'll even give you the thumb colors which you can't see here but could possibly figure it out on your own as each finger is 1 of 5 colors per each hand.LEFT HAND(starting pinkie to thumb)
White, Hot-Pink, Red, Black and Lime Green

RIGHT HAND(starting thumb to pinkie)
Hot-Pink, Lime Green, White, Black and Red

White - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Whirlwind White
Hot-Pink - Orly in Basket Case
Red - Revlon in Revlon Red
Black - NYC in Black Lace Creme (119A)
Lime Green - China Glaze in Entourage (this color doesn't seem like an exact dupe match to me but currently the closest match I own right now, I'd recommend "gargantuan green grape" by OPI, "gargantuan green" or "groovy green" by China Glaze or perhaps "lime green" by Barry M).

Nails should be cut short and filed round. Once polish is applied to nails you should use a clear topcoat to protect them and add shine, I've recently been using Sally Hansen in Hard as Wraps (in clear). If you'd like dupes in another brand just drop me a comment!


Chantel said...

Hey, did you happen to take a picture of all of your nails together when you did this? I'd love to see them. Thanks

MISO-HAPPY said...

I did take a pic of it awhile back but I guess I never uploaded it. It basically looked just like the image that is posted up here, but if I do this look again I will post it up here for you :)