August 28, 2009

China Glaze Kicks Collection 2009

As I mentioned wayyy back I do have this entire collection which consists of 12 colors in total. So finallyyyy here are the pics and paint swatches I did on myself (sorry bout my sloppy paint job). BTW, these photo's do not have a topcoat, I just swatched each nail once with the polish.(From Left to Right: Sneaker Head 727, Breakin' 730, Oh How Street it is 728, Style Wars 729, Fly 723)

"Sneaker Head" is a matte reddish pink color with a very slight orange tint once applied.

"Breakin'" has a gold shimmer and is a pale-ish orange yellow color which doesn't seem as sparkly in person as the photo nor does it really look like a mustard color like in the bottom photo.

"Oh How Street it is" is a matte red-orange color which is very similar to "Style Wars" which is a tad more on the orange side.

"Fly" has a reddish pink shimmer and is a fuchsia/purple type color which looks more purple in the photo than it really is in person and it goes on looking a bit darker than what it does in the bottle.

Out of these 5 here "Fly" would be my first fave pick and then "Sneaker Head". Since "Oh How Street it is" and "Style Wars" are super similar I'd probably go with "Oh How Street it is" if I had to pick one of the two. Stay posted to my blog for the rest of the colors ;)

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