August 28, 2009

China Glaze Kicks Collection 2009 (Part 2)

Here are 3 swatches from this collection, which I ended up putting all 3 colors on one thumb (I ran outta fingers to swatch them individually, hah). (From Left to Right: Laced Up 726, B-Girlz 725, Its Poppin' 724)

"Laced Up" is a matte pale-ish pink color which looks a bit purple looking in the photo which it really isn't.

"B-Girlz" has a pink shimmer and is a smidge darker then "Laced Up" but still fairly similar.

"Its Poppin'" has a pinkish red shimmer and is a few shades darker on and more vibrant pink then "B-Girlz".

My fave color out of these 3 would probably be "Laced Up" just because I feel it's a happier color (it calls to me! haha) and more versatile to play with using other colors. I bet "It's Poppin'" might be a better color with a matte topcoat applied.

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