August 28, 2009

China Glaze Kicks Collection 2009 (Part 3)

My last installment of this entire collection, yeah! (From Left to Right: Sky High-Top 722, Custom Kicks 721, Entourage 719, Paper Chasing 720)

"Sky High-Top" has a mild bright blue shimmer and is semi bright medium blue color and is darker blue on the nail then it looks in the photo.

"Custom Kicks" has a gold shimmer and is a turquoise green-blue color which looks more blue in the photo then it really is as it's really a teal shade.

"Entourage" has a mild blue-green shimmer and is a lima bean green color.

"Paper Chasing" has a green shimmer and is a Christmas tree green color in the bottle and goes on a bit lighter then it appears.

My fave color of these would have to be "Entourage" which seems to be the fave of most people from this entire 12 piece collection, it just has an interesting appeal to it. "Sky High-Top" seems to be the main one people purchase but it's a bit disappointing on and others seem to agree, perhaps a matte topcoat may make it a more favorable color. My second fave is "Custom Kicks" because it has a nice aqua feel to it and it's really the only one of this collection that has a gold shimmer.

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