September 16, 2009

Colleague's Vay-K

I had recently been filling in for a co-worker while he decided to take an Alaskan cruise for 2 weeks. While on his trip he went to Vancouver, Alaska and Canada. I begged him for days to send me photo's! What made me eager to see the photos is the fact that his daughter has published photo's in National Geographic, and to me that seems sooo "creme de la creme" because NG images are sooo drool worthy, hah. So out of the thousands of photos she had taken she posted up under 50 pics or so online. These were a few she was willing to share with me, so I hope you enjoy them!
Vancouver, WA
Snow Caps, AK
Skagway, AK
San Yat Sen Garden - Vancouver, WA
Pacific Rim National Park - British Columbia
Juneau, AK
Island Passage
Inside Passage
A Mushers Husky
Granville Street Bridge - Vancouver, WA
Granville Street Bridge at night

I love how her pictures have such a classy appeal to them but at the same time they speak volumes through deep colors! Yes a few of these remind me of "Twilight" but that's basically where it takes place ;P

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