July 15, 2009

Eyeshadow Color Combo's

For awhile I had been creating my own eyeshadow color combos based on the colors I see in the VA/MD/DC/WV areas and I haven't posted any new colors for a long time, sooo...here they are! I haven't taken any photos of these looks yet on myself but if you do any of these combos and have some pics you'd let me post up on here then...that'd be sooo cool of you ;D

South-Riding Sundown

Light Cream White, Medium Peachy Pink and Dark Mute Purple


Light Yellow, Bright Medium Yellow, Dark Forest Green

Jefferson Cougars

Light White Cream, Medium Gold, Dark Maroon

Watermelon Park

Pale Green, Mellow Medium Pink, Black

Loudoun Raiders

Pale Yellow, Bright Medium Yellow or Gold, Bright Medium Blue or Navy

Shreve Mill

Pale Green, Medium Pinkish Purple, Black

P.S. I pulled all these colors to the right of the image from the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette just to save myself time and energy rather than finding drugstore dupes but you can use any eyeshadow color similar to these.

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