July 14, 2009

Product Reviews

I tried this Jil Jordan product that my co-worker had laying around work which is a french cuticle treatment. It smells sweet like vanilla and leaves my cuticles feeling a bit softer. I think it's a bit pricey for $8 but if you buy the whole french nail kit for $19.99 it may be a much better deal. I would say this product doesn't do much as it just states being a "moisture-protectant" anyway, but it does feel a bit more moisturized around my cuticles than without it. Since this product doesn't do much and the writing on the bottle wears off after awhile and it's a bit pricey I give this product 3/5 stars :l Nothing too specialI purchased some Eyeko products a few weeks back and now that I've had time to try Eyeko's cream AKA there "most wanted product" several different times after reading sooo many good reviews, I can confidently say that...I don't like it. I have fair skin which is a bit on the dry side at times and not perfectly flawless at that. When using this product bare-faced it tended to cake up and flake on my skin and it did the same whether I used my regular face lotion and also when I used my face primer. To further test it I tried it on my arms and eyes, and yes I had the same flakey-cakey results. Sadly I will not be buying this product again and I'll probably try to sell this on EBay. If I can't wear the product then there's no point in judging how it really worked aside from being cakey. With the cute packaging and $9 price I give this product 1/5 stars :P pathetic I bought the Eyeko Fat Balm in Minty flavored which I did enjoy and I think for awhile it had made my lips super soft although can't say it's still having that affect anymore. I'm going to go ahead and place an order to get my free strawberry flavored one as well. The major downfall to this is that its "fat" width of about a quarter in diameter makes this product hard to apply for small mouths and lips without getting it on your face. I give this product 3.5/5 stars :) not bad
Free from Eyeko I received several Eyeko Face Off Wipes which work pretty well and I wouldn't mind having these around in my travel bag. It also states it contains coconut which is one of my favvvv scents, although...I don't remember smelling it while using it. So far I'd say this is the best Eyeko product I've received and I'd give this 4/5 stars :D squeaky clean

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