April 01, 2009

Close Out Idiots

Almost a month ago (April 3rd being a month) I placed an order on CloseOutGenius.com for a new digital camera (which cost around $280 with shipping). This company tells you that you need to call them after your order has been placed so that they can ship the item to you. In the process of calling the 800 number it was busy for nearly a week straight and then I had finally got through. Once the representative gets on the phone he tries to talk you into purchasing additional items (ex. SD memory card, battery upgrade, case, etc) so I caved and spent an extra $120 for a better battery (a free case was included).

My camera has yet to arrive, so I placed a call to the company once again today. The representative (I believe the same person) told me that my camera had been lost in the shipping process and the camera has been discontinued, and that for an extra $50 he could send me a better one. So first he could have had the decency to notify me about the camera issue and now he wants me to pay more money for a “better” version of the camera. I refused to pay his $50 so then he offered me $30 and finally I was just like “can I just get my money back” and then he said “hold on; let me talk to my supervisor”. Also he had the nerve to tell me that “you must be a hard working woman, what do you do for a living? Real Estate, Car Dealer…?” ok…that’s taking things a bit too personally for my taste. After his 1 minute of hold time as he claimed to talk to his Supervisor he told me he’ll ship out the camera free (okay so we went from $50 to $30 to Free…hmm).

So he now claims I’ll get a tracking number sent to my e-mail tomorrow and if not…I’m going to call him again. I’m supposed to get this camera within 5 days (better be in my hands by next Wednesday) according to the representative. I bet once this camera does arrive, if at all…it’ll probably be a piece of junk and I’ll have to send it back or something, only to get the run around again. Worst case scenario…I call my bank and tell them they stole my money (they’re good about online ordeals). Maybe I should have told the representative that I’m a cop or FBI (not really of course, lol) and I don’t make a living by being an online thief. Why did he act like it was so hard to give me back my money anyway? It’s pretty bad that I had to repeat my zip code 3 times to him…idiot.


Thrila said...

aw that really sucks. i hope everything goes well and you don't have to deal with them anymore. you should give them a bad rating on ANY site they are featured in.

Janet said...

I posted this blog entry on a review site I found and big surprise, their were sooooo soooo many of there customers with very similar complaints. I think I'm just going to take this matter straight to my bank...that is if they deducted the $ from my account already.