March 11, 2009

Spring Cher

I just received my new Cher bag today, it's sooo spring 2009. I thought it'd come with the magazine again and a mini Cher tote, but instead I got the bigger bag and no mag. I'm happy with it none-the-less as I still can't read Japanese anyway :P Don't ya just love the site the laptop shows in the photo? ahah, kidding.

Also UO currently has their "Big in Japan" spread up today, I've seen most that stuff previously :P I adore the mini Ikimono Camera for $20 which arrives blind-boxed so it's a total surprise as to what it'll look like. I love origami things and thought this was a wayyy cute take on some moveable art.

I'm totally hooked on Ikea Hacker recently, it just fascinates me how people alter things and think outside the box ;) I'm already planning on using my "Lack" tabletop as a headboard and hacking it up a bit, woot!

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