January 04, 2009

Brown Rice and Bell Pepper

Lately I've been cooking for myself, something I regret not doing more of since my move back home a few years ago. Plus now that I've been trying to eat healthier and avoid fast food, it has become more of a necessity.

This week I went grocery shopping and my diet has mostly consisted of the following combination...

-whole wheat brown rice (steamed with 1tbsp butter and a dash of salt, I usually make a cup of uncooked rice so there is more for a later time)
-fresh yellow bell pepper (diced and steamed in rice cooker)
-reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese (just a sprinkle)


-an occasional 1-2 tbsp of low-fat sour cream
-sometimes I enjoy adding some diced up cooked chicken breast
-sometimes I wrap the mix in a whole wheat tortilla

My parents love how it smells when the bell pepper and rice is cooking in my rice cooker, yummy. So next time I go to the grocery store I hope to create a new combination of healthy/healthier food :)


Thrila said...

that sounds pretty good! my dad makes brown rice with beans ;D

Lola said...

Sounds yummy! I have decided to start the workout program P90x (yes, from the informercials, lol) in January. In preparation I've also gotten into brown rice and whole wheat pasta. There a lot better than I thought they'd be.

Random question... is that Sela Ward at the top of your layout???

Janet said...

Lola, I have no idea if that's Sela Ward or not, haha. I just google searched images for New Years and things that reminded me of New Years when I designed my current header. I also bought some whole wheat pasta, I think I'm going to cook it with my frozen squash mix and stewed tomatoes to create a light sauce.