December 12, 2008

Color Loss

I believe I might have finally figured out why all my saved images online are having color loss and I believe I may have found an answer!

I found a miracle in using the .tiff to save images without color loss...although you can read more about it from the given link ;p
Now you're probably wondering what server would even upload such a file?. The answer is simple and found in a little site a few of you probably know of by now called...Flickr ;)

Even better news is...Flickr can connect to your Blogger blog by posting your Flickr image and thus it enables you to post a Blogger entry through Flickr (did you get all that?!), good stuff :)


THRILA said...

do you mean color loss as in the images turn black&white?

i don't really like tiff, i'm more of a png gal myself :D

Janet said...

For them to turn black and white that would be a low res .bmp. I mean my images turn fuzzy in .PNG and .JPG and lose some of their full resoulotion. .tiff is great because its made to work with programs like photoshop and enables you to save your work clearly without losing resolution.

Janet said...

Also keep in mind if you have an older computer you might not notice anything great about .tiff but on newer ones it's a huge difference and a great help.

Janet said...
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THRILA said...

hm, well my laptop is only about 5 months old, to me pngs come out the clearest (aside from psd), tiffs are a close second though.

Janet said...

I use to mainly use .PNG to save everything but for whatever reason my new hp laptop likes to destroy those images into blurry pixilated bits. To make things even more interesting now that I've been saving images as .tiff until I've finished working on them it now lets me save them clearly as .PNG... its so weird.