December 01, 2008

Blog Tripping

As I sit at work contemplating my upcoming birthday in like 2 weeks I was pondering how wonderful it'd be to get away for a few days and fly outta town to some place warm and sunny. Only problem order to get away...I'd still want the company of friends, which I don't really have many, if any? erm. That's where you come in! Haha. was wishful thinking :P
It would be awesome to meet most of my gal pals on here and just have some place where we all fly out to, on the same day, to meet up at the same place and hotel...not in a weird stalkerish way of course >.< as blog buddies ^.^ and then we'd all do group activities together, sun bathe or swim with dolphins?. Okay...but everyone is on a budget and would probably enjoy spending time with a significant other or friends they've already established a healthy friendship with while my single butt sits typing up blogs because their isn't anything else better to do except look at the Creepers hitting me up on my personals ad online D:


THRILA said...

I wish~

If you every some to NYC though (and God bless you if you do, because it's gotten sooo expensive) I would love to hang out :D I tend to have more friends through my blog than in real life now. Mind you I am so uber cautious I'd probably drag my poor bf with me at first. I'm such a scaredy cat ;___;

and yay for being born in December! I was born on Christmas so I always end up spending my birthday with family D:

Janet said...

That'd be soo cool ^.^ I've met soo many people from the net that I've lost count! It would be nice to meet you though and your BF too :) Its pretty scary really but I suppose times have changed since I was 16 when everyone thought net dating was sooo taboo :P Cool, I was supposed to be born on X-Mas but my Mom said I wanted out early, hehe. It still sux cuz some people will combine my x-mas and b-day gifts together but I'm sure you know all about that, haha. So yea, NY isn't too far from the DC area and I work for an airline company too where I get free flights via standby so I'm sure it could possibly happen ;)

THRILA said...

haha people do that to me too, but i don't mind as much. are you talking about the buddy mileage thingy? my bf is studying to be an airplane mechanic and he was telling me that if he works for an airline he would get to fly for pretty much free, he and friends would just have to pay air tax and wait for an opening.

that would really be cool :D

Janet said...

My flight benefits aren't based on a buddy mileage system. Basically if their is an empty seat on any of the airlines I have benefits through than I can fly for free or if it's a long flight like overseas than we pay a very small percentage...I believe my co-worker flew to Korea for $50 once(very cheap!). Maybe one day I'll get to work with your BF as I work directly with MX at my job :)