November 27, 2008

Black Friday Bargains

First off...HAPPY THANKSGIVING! While most of you are still devouring your turkey dinner ;) I've already been searching the internet as to where to get the best deals AKA "Black Friday" on the things I'm dieing to get my hands on! I've been seeing lots of deals but it seems like the deals aren't that great this year with only a 25% discount or free online shipping, can't they do better than that?! eep.

WalMart Bargains
-Kung Fu Panda on DVD (as well as many other DVD's) is $9 at WalMart from 5-11am (Mom says starting at Midnight?)!
-Wii Console for $250 at WalMart but I also found 3 other stores online that can give you the same price (Barnes &,, Circuit City)

*Found the best wii console deal at $220

Didn't notice any major Black Friday deals here online but I decided to look into digi cams deals.
-FujiFilm S2000 10MP for $280 (not sure the quality though)

Based on Bestselling Digi Cams (according to BestBuy) here's how they rank based on the type you want, a few are currently discounted more from the "cart price" online. I really want an SLR but they're still above my camera buying price range >.< but I might get a different one that's 10MP or higher.

Standard: Nikon, 8MP, L18, $100 (I won a Coolpix 5MP last x-mas and its fairly decent)
Sleek and Slim: Canon, 8MP, SD1100IS, $170
Advanced: Canon, 8MP, A590IS, $150
Digital SLR: Nikon, 10.2MP, D60, $560
Packages: Canon, 10MP, SD790 IS, $230 (New Item Starting Black Friday)

*I found even better deals for digi cams at

As for things, I need...a new bed(seriously)! I'd still like a Sony flat screen TV even though...I don't watch much tv >.< Well my B-Day is in a few weeks and than X-Mas...Oh Daddyyyy, haha.P.S. I got the new SWEET magazine featuring Rinka the other day and it comes with 3 little FORTUNE COOKIE fleece bags and a cute lil cell phone thingy :P WOOT!


THRILA said...

oh, i must get that issue of sweet! are they all different sizes?

Janet said...

Yes all 3 are a different size, each one is like an inch smaller than the next :)

Jen said...

Waaaaaan ;_____; I wish I liked Sweet enough to get a subscription D:!! Why must she always been in mags I'm not too fond of DX

Gahaha I got the 790