November 01, 2008

Queen of Hearts

Well the devil themed costume just wasn't working out because of the style of my dress. Luckily it fit nicely in being turned into the "Queen of Hearts" ;) I really didn't want to purchase an entirely new outfit on Halloween, so I worked with what I had. Luckily a stop at "JoAnn" craft store helped save the day in turning my outfit into a one of a kind adorable costume which people seemed to enjoy (it was surprisingly attractive, more-so than those short puffy mini skirts everyone was wearing). Not pictured was my long sleeved black lace top I wore under the dress, black pantyhose, custom made heart lace necklace and matching bracelets, and a diamond and silver heart tiara.
Here's a picture of my black shoes from DEBS with added adhesive felt hearts which were reinforced with some stitches. Also my one of a kind scepter using a plastic rod, red ribbon, a clip on rose and a white with gold tinsel boa trimmed to size.
I know my mom had been a bit harsh with my dress yesterday but she actually helped me pull the items I bought from the craft store into this delightful outfit, how sweet.
P.S. Did anyone else have a lack of "trick-or-treaters" this year?!

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Jen said...

Hahah so cute!! So did you have a fun night!!?