October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I purchased a red and black dress today as part of my devil costume (didn't think it was so bad for last minute)...needless to say my mom says it isn't flattering on me and I look more like a "Saloon Girl", although my friend said it looked nice >.< WTH! Makes me want to stay in for Halloween and grout my friends bathroom instead. So after devouring 4 orders of sushi yesterday afternoon I also got to watch "Saw V" at the theatre with a friend, it was okay although I'm not really into those movies :PI really need to get some rest as I have to wake up early to try and get my car inspected, bleh...shame on me for making time at the last minute. I still need to get my fake tan on my white a** legs and do something with my nails before tonight...I'm stressing majorly now. Guess if I can't sleep maybe I can catch up on the latest Sorority Forever (Final episode airs today!)and Paris Hilton's My New BFF episodes, phff.

Trick or Treat: After a year of having a Twitter account I finally decided to use it today...go figure!

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