November 04, 2008

Cash Crush

OMG, I have such a...

on a guy! Eeee!!

Is it just me or am I the only chick that can spend $100 at CVS in an hour or so of shopping?. Okay, so maybe Mariah put me over budget...I didn't even know how it'd smell (it's actually a very pretty and feminine soft scent, wonderful!) I'm also going to create my own blinged-out nails using these stick on gem decals ^.^ Oh yes of course I did my normal eyeshadow $plurge, I probably have every color of eyeshadow imaginable ;P BTW in the top left corner of the photo is an adorable pink and white "Love's" kitty, it's sooo kawaii and the Sugar Kiss scent reminds me of "Aqualina" parfume...sorry, I know a bit about scents seeing as I did research on it awhile back.I also figured out what cologne the BF wears while on my nightly CVS shopping spree...and no it isn't "cat nip" as he says. It's a $14.99 CVS bottle of "Las Vegas - Playboy" (stinky Obama lovin a** he is), yick. I am also very in love with the hair style and makeup of the below image taken from my Sweet magazine, soooo great :D


Jen said...

Hahahhah darling visual for the situation! Hahahah & now I'm super thirsty.

Leanne said...

Hahaha, a good friend and first major crush wore CK fragrance and since then any guy who wears CK gets my vote. LOL.