November 23, 2008

Otterly Adorable

If I die and come back as an animal, let it be an otter, haha.

Did anyone happen to see the Twilight or Bolt movie this week?! I heard Twilight wasn't all that great :P I did get to watch Madagascar 2 this week and it was pretty decent ^.^ cute movie but my friend said it seemed a little short.

As for Mr. MySpace...uhmz...I ended up breaking things off :( Part of me feels bad but another part of me feels I deserve to be with someone that REALLY wants to be with me. I did however meet an interesting Korean guy from MySpace early this morning, it was fun chatting with him ^.^ but I'm not rushing into anything.


THRILA said...
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THRILA said...

I know that if I wasn't so head over heals for my bf whose guyanese, I'd most likely be with a Korean guy. I don't find asian guys too attractive, as I've grown up with them most of my life, but Korean guys just about always look hot. :3 sorry to hear about mr myspace but good luck with korean myspace :D