November 20, 2008

Shop Till I Drop

I did around 4 hours of shopping with my mom today and bought tons of stuff...half of it being for me really, Hah, go fig (so easy to shop for yourself ya know). The John Deere stuff (from WalMart) is for my x-bf/friend, he likes wearing his John Deere hat (I call him an Asian Hick when he wears it too, ha ha) but we bought a little white tree together last year so now he can deck it out at his new bachelor pad (he's such a kid at heart >.<). The Mariah Carey perfume (awesome stuff!) is selling like hotcakes at the stores it seems so I found these at KOHLS and bought 2 (ya never know when a friend will do something last minute for x-mas and your empty handed!). I also found the hottest silver and black gift wrap from WalMart :P
The things I bought for myself today, two really awesome gold colored pillows from Linens-N-Things (they were 25% off) at they're going outta business sale. Normally I'd find these pillows possibly ugly but they're the perfect color and style for my 60's inspired bedroom makeover ;) I finally found some cheap bright orange nail polish (called Mango) in the Petites brand from the Rite Aid store although I wouldn't have minded it being a bit brighter :P The rest of the stuff you see is from KOHLS, I got the coolest Vera Wang scarf on sale (I believe 50% off) and you can wear it 4 different ways because it has little snaps on it! Got an adorable white winter hat, some Vera Wang gloves (not sure if I'm crazy about them but good for work and on sale as well) and 2 Candies brand necklaces (the one with the bow reminds me of Japan style and the pearl one is so like "Material Girl", lol).

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Jen said...

I really like the Vera Wang Kohl's line. It's been REALLY cute!