November 18, 2008

Me Oh So Happy

I'm sooo happy I finally got my PayPal/EBay disputes/bank account ordeal over with just now! I was totally stressing, I've definitely learned it's MOST important to always have a tracking number when selling items through EBay and not to trust certain people with doing me any favors. I had to go through so much stress and frustration with PayPal it was ridiculous honestly.

I also have a new MySpace crush...OMG! Hah, I'm such a dork >.<

I also worked on this new Tila Tequila layout, I know a bikini may not represent the Thanksgiving spirit all that well but...she just looked so happy, haha. Anyway...I think its cute :P

1 comment:

THRILA said...

well it's a good thing your ordeal is finally done with. stress is really annoying to have, holidays or not. i hope all goes well with mr. myspace :) and even though i am not a fan of miss tequila, i agree, it is a very happy picture.

best of luck~