November 14, 2008

Japanese Diet

I thought this video on Japanese diet vs. American diet was pretty interesting. I knew they ate a lot healthier than us Americans but it tells a few other interesting facts. As an American...I could live off sushi everyday, haha. I noticed recently though that as I laid off the soft drinks that I enjoyed for awhile that when I went back to drinking the same soft drinks...they actually started tasting wayyy to sweet for my liking and I now find myself avoiding soft drinks a bit more and actually purchasing more tea and water based drinks.


THRILA said...

i love the video! i think the only problem with americans though trying to utilize the japanese diet is that a lot of americans metabolism is about 180 degrees different from japanese metabolism. from what i've learned and know from a lot of friends who are from various parts of asia, most of them have super fast metabolism.

but i know i'm going to try that out. and i agree with what you said about soda. i cut myself off of it for about a month and as soon as i started drinking it again, it tasted really weird. but now i have to cut myself off again -_-;

hannie said...

i agree, japanese diets are waay different than american diets... but that diet sounds good! i'm asian, but my metabolism isn't as fast..... boooo hhahaha

and YES, i stopped eating sweets for a while, and when i ate them again, it was too much for me. that's a good sign!