November 09, 2008

Panda Released

So today one of my newly fave animated movies finally released on DVD...Kung Fu Panda! Skadoosh!! Mental Note: Must...get...paws...on...DVD, haha.

As for other news I went to a wedding this past Friday and jeez...I had no idea about these Chinese/Korean style weddings. The food kept coming non-stop (a 10 course meal!), I felt like I was eating seafood all night long (probably because we did)! There were fried shrimp balls, jellyfish/squid, abalones, chicken cooked like duck, tilapia (I believe), lots of shrimp, a soup similar to shark fin (I think it was crab), lobster, fried rice with lop chung, raspberry filled Asian style wedding cake along with cantaloupe and oranges. Don't forget the Hennessy, champagne, Heineken and sierra tummy got so sick afterwards...darn that "Fortune" restaurant :(

So aside from work today I got to check out Mimi's Cafe by Dulles Town Center mall, I believe it's a french/New Orleans style place. The bakery style stuff was pretty tasty but the other, a bit bland. I hope to try the raisin french toast that I heard another table raving over, suppose to be really good...till next time. I also got to eat one of my other faves today, cha su bao! Yummy! Not only that but I went to the Asian mart with my friend and bought BBQ Shrimp Crackers, Yessss, I love those :D I also picked up some Korean style green tea (very gross) :P Oh and I bought some pineapple Thai style desert that looks more like a drink in a plastic was a bit too sweet though so I didn't finish it.

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