October 29, 2008

New Layout

As you might have noticed I threw together a new layout. I didn't know what to throw into the header once I got the background, title and my picture together so I got some bird decal images from UO and changed up the color and added the new Fisheye2 camera from UO. I forget what site I got the butterfly images from, but I changed it up a bit and added it into my maple leaf background I created in MSPaint. Using the Corel program I changed up the opacity so the two background images bleed together. For whatever reason my images are saving a bit fuzzy on my laptop, I've tried saving it as .JPG, .PNG, .BMP, .GIF and nonetheless it's all not saving too clearly (bummer).

Here's a photo of my "Blue Ridge Sunset" eye makeup from the previous post. I added some white eyeshadow directly under the brow area to make it pop a bit more, and yes I used the Loreal De-Crease to prime my eyes. I lined my eyes with black eyeliner on the top lid starting from the center of the lid past the outer edge (about a centimeter) for a "cat eye" effect and finished with CoverGirl's LashBlast mascara (my fave) in "Very Black" color.P.S. Those of you that asked makeup questions in my last post, I replied back in my last posts comment area.

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