October 20, 2008


How ya like the new colour? Maybe I shouldn't ask...heh. My co-worker told me that I reminded him of Lucy Lawless or you might know her better as Xena Warrior Princess, haha, I use to watch that show all the time.

Speaking of celeb mix ups...as I started looking through my "Sweet" magazine on page 62 (as I have photographed below) there is a photo of Heidi Montag from "The Hills" TV show but...I noticed the magazine has written "Heidi Klum"! Wowwww...how the heck do you mistake Heidi Montag for Heidi Klum?!! Ms. Klum is wayyyy hotter in my opinion, haha.Random Thought: I'm sooo interested in this Givenchy mascara!


Jen said...

I think your new color looks so amazing on you!!! Honestly!

I'm surprised at Sweet for the mix-up! They are SO U.S. celebrity-oriented that I'd think they more than anyone could get it right, hahaah!

Lola said...

I love your new color. It looks fantastic with your skin. I think it's much better than the chestnut color that's so popular. For a while I did use L'oreal Feria #40 to get a chestnut color. It's great, but I really think the black is just so stylish and perfect for you.