October 19, 2008

A Pink & White Rose Anniversary

Here are the photo's from my step Grandparents 47th Wedding Anniversary in Clarksburg, WV. My BlackBerry finally let me upload them today! I snapped these pics before the party since I was the 1st one there, hehe.I snuck a peek at the cake before anyone else...hehe
I'm so surprised my younger cousin actually knew how to work this thang they had :P I think it use to be a some type of stereo system? ahaha.The river in back of the church, can you see the little bluegills swimming (prolly not)? I use to catch these back in NC in Catawba River. I love fishies ><>All the trees have just begun to change up here, how lovely.
Thought it was funny to see how the hicks up there don't seem to know where to put the period on the gas prices. Could you imagine $31.90 or even $339?! Haha.

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