October 06, 2008

Flat Iron Love

I bought a new flat iron and it's the bestest one I've ever had(check out their commerical below) it heats up wicked fast with its one heat setting! It was worth the $75 purchase through EBay this past week(originally sells for $255). I knew I had to get one when I saw that my "Korean crush" is supposedly using the same one, as well as LC from The Hills :P

I've gotten soo many compliments everyday on my hair since I started using it! I also had no idea I could get curly hair with a flat iron without having to twist my hair around it or the flat iron.

Here's how to get curly hair with a flat iron...
Step 1. With your hot flat iron clamp about an inch of hair in the flat iron close to the root.
Step 2. With your hair clamped down at the root base turn the flat iron 180 degrees.
Step 3. Slowly slide the flat iron down the hair and...instant curls!
*Be sure to use a heat styling product too, so you don't fry your hair(watch the video below for additional help).

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